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Linksys wireless access points

Linksys Access Points

Outfit your SMB with high-quality, easily-managed WiFi access points at reasonable prices with Linksys!

Linksys is well known for their expertise in the consumer sector of WiFi, and they've now leveraged that experience to craft great WiFi hardware for growing smaller businesses.  Their line of WiFi APs integrates the latest in technology, including cutting-edge 802.11ac wave 2 support, to create solid and reliable WiFi experiences both your workforce and your visitors can rely on.

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You have options spanning a range of recent WiFi technologies, depending on your needs at budget.  At the top end is their AC2600 Pro Dual-Band MU-MIMO access point, a superior option for businesses that need top-grade speeds and easy local roaming around their workplace.  A 4x4 MU-MIMO array with concurrent 2.4ghz and 5ghz radio frequencies delivers up to 2.5Gbps in transmission rates.  Integrated PoE+ support allows it to be easily powered through your existing PoE network system without the need for extra wiring.

At the midrange, 802.11ac options such as the AC1200 or AC1750 deliver plenty of power and performance, making them excellent options for office-level coverage or guest user access.  They're quick to install and setup, with a simplified administration system that allows you to easily get them up and running.

No matter which model you pick, you get all the features needed for success.  Linksys APs offer simple Captive Portal support, perfect for providing access in restaurants, hotels, or other hospitality businesses.  Business-class security such as 802.1X Supplicant Authentication and Rogue AP Detection keep you safe.  Clustering technologies allow you to simply manage a large group of APs together, minimizing management time.

There's a Linksys WiFi Access Point for any size of small-to-medium business.  Contact Hummingbird Networks today to learn more.