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For decades, German-based Sennheiser has been recognized around the world for being one of the true pioneers of audio-related products.  Year after year, Sennheiser products are hailed as among the most high-quality available, and they are a brand of distinction within the recording industry as well as among consumers who want the best possible equipment in their homes.

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Now, Sennheiser has moved into producing business-grade telecommunications equipment, and the results are every bit as impressive as one would expect from the brand.  Combining high-quality materials and construction with designs from some of the top engineers in audio hardware has resulted in a truly superlative line of headsets aimed at business use.  

When you choose Sennheiser for your office telephony or Unified Communications setup, you are truly getting the best of all worlds:  High quality devices with some of the best audio quality available on the market, put into comfortable and practical designs which are a joy to use on a long-term basis.  If you've ever dealt with uncomfortable headsets which chafe or pinch, especially day after day, you'll appreciate what Sennheiser brings to the table.  Sennheiser business headsets aren't simply good for your operations; they're good for your workforce as well, limiting discomfort and making headset telephony far less of a pain - literally!

In addition, plenty of technological revolutions are available, including:

  • High-quality noise-cancelling technologies, derived from their work in audio production.
  • ActiveGuard technologies, monitoring for sudden shifts in sound levels and adjusting automatically to prevent volume shock.
  • Molded earpads designed to increase listening clarity.
  • High-quality wideband sound for highly lifelike voice and sound.
  • Sound enhancement suites which sweeten the sound in a variety of uses, from voice to music.
  • Room-Experience sound specialization, making it seem as though the voice is coming naturally from a few feet away.

With models of headset available in a wide variety of price ranges, and with options including traditional headset or USB wires, as well as DECT or Bluetooth wireless models, there are Sennheiser headsets perfect for every operation, architecture, and budget.

Internal and external communications are the lifeblood of your business.  Choose Sennheiser for the best in sound quality and comfort.

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