Aruba ClearPass Licenses

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HPE Aruba ClearPass is a cloud-based network access control (NAC) solution that helps organizations manage and secure their network access while enabling BYOD, guest, and partner access. By using this solution, businesses can improve security, simplify the IT environment and reduce costs.

Aruba ClearPass is built on the Aruba Mobile First Platform which provides centralized management of wired and wireless networks. The platform allows administrators to define policies for a variety of devices including PCs, phones, and tablets. These policies include things like user authentication, data encryption, and how users connect to the network. This ensures that users are only allowed access to resources they need while also protecting sensitive information from being accessed by unauthorized individuals or systems such as public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Key Features:

- Role-based, unified network access enforcement across multi-vendor wireless, wired, and VPN networks.

- Intuitive policy configuration templates and visibility troubleshooting tools.

- Supports multiple authentication/authorization sources (AD, LDAP, SQL).

- Self-service device onboarding with a built-in certificate authority (CA) for BYOD.

- Guest access with extensive customization, branding, and sponsor-based approvals. Integration with key UEM solutions for in-depth device assessments.  

- Comprehensive integration with the Aruba 360 Security Exchange Program.

- Single sign-on (SSO) support collaborates with Ping, Okta, and other identity management tools to improve user experience with SAML 2.0-based applications.

Access should be simple — for students, staff, corporate guests or contractors, or BYOD. ClearPass Guest, OnBoard, and OnGuard give you the tools you need and the flexibility to secure your business's Wi-Fi and wired networks. Aruba ClearPass is a software solution for managing wireless access, identity, and policy. It offers a centralized dashboard that allows IT departments to provision and manages wireless networks, as well as deploy new users and devices onto the network.

IoT and remote workers are changing the way we think about network access control. Reduce your risk by applying consistent policies and granular security to control both your wired and wireless networks.