Aruba Wireless Accessories

HPE Aruba wireless accessories include a portfolio of antennas, cables, adapters, wireless AP covers, and wireless AP mounts & brackets. All Aruba wireless accessories are listed below by category. Please click on one of the categories to view all available items or use the search bar on the left. To read detailed information about a product, including cost and availability, please click on the product image or name.

Aruba provides a broad portfolio of wireless accessories that have been specifically designed for the enterprise and work seamlessly with Aruba infrastructure products. Aruba accessories provide secure, flexible, and reliable connectivity options. Accessories support multiple different wireless configurations and comply with industry standards, making them easy to install, operate, and secure.

Some of the most popular accessories include antennas and mounting brackets. The wideband AP-ANT-19 antenna offers full-band coverage for 802.11b/a/g/n and includes all hardware required to mount indoors or outdoors. Because it is a dual-band antenna, it provides full-band coverage and omnidirectional coverage over both bands. Aruba has a range of antennas for both their indoor and outdoor AP models, as well as mounting brackets for both the wall and ceiling. The wall-mounting template makes it easy to drill the mounting holes, and the power cord allows you to connect the AP power to a standard outlet. Aruba On-Wall Accessory Kits for the AP-225, AP-200, and AP-155 include a mounting bracket, a wall-mounting template, and a power cord that supplies input voltages from 100 to 240 VAC or from -48 to .071 VDC. The mounting bracket allows you to attach the AP to the wall.

By utilizing Aruba wireless access control solutions, IT organizations can effectively manage larger, heterogeneous wireless networks with ease. This allows for more seamless management of wireless devices, which improves user experience and administrative efficiency while keeping networks secure.