Bluesocket 2135

adtran 2135 Bluesocket 2135

Bluesocket 2135Businesses looking for a high-quality, high-speed, and highly-usable outdoor WiFi network may find just what they need in the new ADTRAN Bluesocket 2135 wireless access point!

The Bluesocket 2135 is a full 3x3:3 MIMO 802.11ac WiFi access point, able to serve up to 1.75Gbps of bandwidth to hundreds of concurrent users.  This is split up between two sets of antennas, utilizing both the 2.4ghz and 5ghz radio frequencies, giving it unparalleled performance even in workspaces already using a large number of Bluetooth and other "cordless" devices.

The APs themselves are clad in industrial-grade metal, and are proofed against both water AND salt corrosion, meaning they're safe to use even at coastal locations.  Unlike many other brands of outdoor AP, they also feature built-in surge protection on the ports to reduce the likelihood of lightning damage.

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Another great benefit to the ADTRAN Bluesocket 2135 is the carrier-grade transmit and receiving antenna hardware chipsets. This is vital for a workforce or student population that are using a lot of low-power consumer-grade smartphones and tablets.  These have very weak WiFi transmitters, so the extra-powerful hardware greatly boosts the Bluesocket 2135 effective range.  

Plus, the ADTRAN Bluesocket WiFi network itself is perfect for organizations who need an easy-to-use network which requires a minimum of expertise.  Once the network is initially set up, installation of new APs is literally a two-minute process.  You place them, plug them in, and register their serial number in the Network OS.  That's it.  The system automatically configures them, and gives you a single powerful GUI for managing the entire network.

The ADTRAN 2135 is fast, effective, and affordable.  It's one of the current Best In Class options for an outdoor WiFi access point with robust mobility.  

When purchasing ADTRAN Bluesocket Wireless Access Points, you get these added benefits:

  • Subscription-free Cloud – manage the network from any device anywhere in the world
  • Targeted at SP managed Wi-Fi for micro and small businesses
  • Enterprise-Class feature set focused on robust enterprise Wi-Fi connectivity and security
  • APs can continue to function if subscription not renewed with Express Cloud or Elite On-Premises license
  • Seamlessly upgrade to Elite without rip and replace
  • Only Available on Bluesocket 2020, 2030, 2035, 2135, 340 and 3045 Access Points.

Adtran Elite Cloud License Options are available in 1 Year, 3 Year and 5 Year Subscriptions.

Adtran Elite Cloud Plus License Options are available in 1 Year, 3 Year and 5 Year Subscriptions.

Is the Bluesocket 2135 the right choice for your growing outdoor WiFi network?  Read on for more product details, or contact Hummingbird Networks today for a free consultation on your best options in outdoor wireless access points.