Fiber Optic Cables

Don't overpay for fiber cables.  With Hummingbird Networks' own fiber optic cabling, you can outfit your office or your campus with top-grade, guaranteed fiber optics at the lowest prices.  

Your network is only as reliable as the cable that links it together, so we've partnered with top component manufacturers to bring top-caliber fiber cables to our customers.  We carry both singlemode and multimode cable, ready for any deployment:

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Singlemode fiber cables use an extremely thin fiber core, only 9nm- to quickly transmit data across large distances, at speeds of 10Gbps or higher.  Singlemode fiber is best for wiring large complexes and WAN projects, up to several kilometers apart.  

Multimode fiber cable uses thicker cores, either 50 or 62.5nm, that allow multiple lasers to pass at once, allowing rapid two-way communications.  Multimode is best for building-level deployments due to its relatively short transmission distances.  

Our fiber patch cables support all major connector types such as LC (Lucent Connector/Little Connector), SC (Standard Connector), ST, formats, the most commonly found in business LANs.  We carry standard lengths of 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10 or 15 meters, and custom lengths are also available upon request.

Plus, every Hummingbird Networks fiber optics cable is fully backed by our own industry-leading limited lifetime warranty!  

Need advice on choosing the right fiber optic cabling for your business.  Contact Hummingbird Networks today and we'll ensure you get the best top-quality fiber optic cables for your business.