Fortinet Rackmount.IT Kits

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Rackmount designs perfect-fitting rack mounts for a 19-inch rack for Fortinet desktop firewalls. Quick installation, front facing network connections, and a fixated power supply are a few of the great features of this product.

Their rackmounts are tailored perfectly for each device, so a perfect fit is guaranteed. This fit ensures that your devices is constantly being cooled with ventilated air, to make sure your device continues to run at its most optimal efficiency. Another convenience is that with Rackmount for Fortinet your device and power supply are fixed to the rack to make sure there is no accidental power loss. 

Why Rackmount for Fortinet Desktop Appliances?

  • Custom design for each device
  • Consistent power with fixed supply
  • Increased reliability of your appliance
  • Quick and simple assembly

Fortinet designs top-grade security systems which don't become bottlenecks, even under high loads. Their cutting edge next-generation firewalls are developed to protect your data, your employees, and your customers always. Their firewalls offer superior protection to your network and VPN connections, utilizing hardware designed to maintain high levels of throughput even under high loads. Protect data across your network and enable safe access to the cloud with a Fortinet security appliance. Stackable switching with power over ethernet ensures flexible architectures to meet current and future needs.

Rackmount designs and develops rack mounting kits for desktop networking devices from most of the top manufacturers. Assembly and installation are quick and painless and will only take a few minutes. The connections are brought to the front for easy access, as well as the console port.

These rack mounts are perfect for your devices because they create:

  • An organized workspace
  • Increased device protection
  • Proper device cooling
  • Superior management

Rackmounts for Fortinet devices come with a ton of benefits. Having improved airflow will keep your device running in optimal condition and with all the cord and cables in a single location, your superior access will make troubleshooting and maintenance easy. Having your devices secured in a rack also increases security from unwarranted users on the physical premise. You can protect your server from climate issues, dust, pests, accidents, etc.