ms225-24p, meraki ms225-24pCisco meraki ms225-24p

Designed to have all the features a growing SMB needs in a modern network, without any cruft driving the price up, the Meraki MS225-24P Layer 2 switch could be the perfect entry point into the Meraki networking architecture for nearly any smaller business.

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Cisco-owned Meraki has built its reputation on delivering networking options with nearly all the power and scalability of Cisco products, but with setup and administration so simple that it requires no specific networking expertise.  Even a first-time networking beginner can quickly set up a Meraki network, while enjoying absolutely unparalleled ease of administration.

The MS225-24P switch features twenty-four RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet ports, along with four SFP+ 10G uplink connectors.  A full series of 10G connections guarantees maximum bandwidth even at peak load.  Additionally, the MS225-24P allows for both physical and virtual stacking for easy management and bandwidth expansion, up to 80G of total throughput. 

The MS225-24P also includes full Power-over-Ethernet support on all ports, from a total power pool of 370W.  The MS225 has smart power-monitoring systems that automatically balance and distribute PoE power based on the consumption of receiving devices, creating highly optimized power usage among downstream PoE-powered appliances such as WiFi access points, IP phones or videoconferencing equipment.

Everything is controlled through the Meraki Dashboard, which gives administrators full oversight and insight into their network through a simple GUI.  Meraki systems also self-update, automatically pulling down software upgrades whenever released.

MS225-24P DatasheetA Meraki network can easily launch a business into the next generation of networking.  Contact Hummingbird Networks to learn more.