meraki firewall mx450-hw

The Meraki MX450 is one of the most advanced cloud-based firewalls currently on the market, with the highest throughput of any Meraki MX series device.  As such, it's well-positioned as a solution for the needs of large-scale enterprises which are juggling a five-figure user count who need high connection speeds without a firewall introducing delays. 

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The MX450 can support up to 10,000 simultaneous users while offering a firewall scanning throughput of 6Gbps - putting it among the fastest enterprise-grade firewalls on the market.  It can also concurrently handle 2Gbps in VPN connections for remote workers.  To support these speeds, the MX450 includes two separate 10-Gigabit uplinks, as well as one of the widest assortments of LAN ports available.  These include eight Gigabit Ethernet ports, eight 1 gigabit SFP ports, and eight 10-gigabit SFP+ ports.

As such, the MX450 can work in a variety of scenarios including top-rack functionality while hosting plenty of options in downstream connected devices.

The Meraki MX450 goes far beyond standard stateful firewall processes to give administrators a full suite of security tools, particularly with the optional Advanced Security License installed.  A fully-unlocked MX450 includes both anti-malware and anti-intrusion packages, along with content filtering and identity-based policies.  "Layer 7" services allow oversight and policy control down to the app level, as well as warning administrators of questionable user behavior.

All this is controlled through the powerful Meraki Dashboard, a single-pane-of-glass management solution that gives total control over an entire network of attached Meraki devices.  Users can quickly see an overview, or drill down to specific devices, users, or apps - all through an easy-to-use GUI.  Plus, updates are simple and automatic: Both the onboard software, as well as malware definitions, are instantly updated upon official release.

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