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For some network admins, it may seem like bandwidth demands are continuing to grow without respite. With greater deployment of high-resolution voice and video devices, ever-growing digital file sizes, and a steadily increasing array of user-size apps being utilized in the workplace, some networks truly need all the data they can get.

Meraki Switch

The MS425-32 Meraki aggregation switch addresses these needs in a compact package meant to simplify large-scale edge networking. Two 40-gigabit QSFP+ uplinks bring maximum bandwidth in, and thirty-two 10-gigabit SFP+ ports ensure downstream switches and routers have plenty of breathing room.

Large universities, hospital complexes, multi-story office buildings, governmental organizations, and local Ethernet service providers will benefit from the level of speed and power the Meraki MS425-32 brings to their operation. When combined with the sheer ease-of-use they are known for, this Meraki switch is an excellent solution for overburdened admins.

The full MS425-32 datasheet is available for download, or just read on for more specific details on the switch as well as its accessories.