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Partner With Hummingbird For The Best In Unified Telecommunications Systems

Today, telephone systems aren't simply a means of communication - they're a linked and vital part of an overall unified telecommunications network.  A strong unified communications (UC) system can make it easier to do business, while also allowing you to collect superior intelligence on your contacts with customers and clients.   Additionally, revolutions in Voice-over-IP communications have allowed businesses to embrace phone systems that allow worldwide calling at a fraction of the cost of traditional long-distance service.  

With the right phones and headsets from Hummingbird, you can revolutionize how your company uses its telephone systems - and save money in the long run.  Brands of UC-ready VoIP phones and videophones we carry include:


The worldwide leader in networked communications, Cisco, has a full line of high-grade reliable phones ready for deployment in businesses of all sizes.  Most Cisco phones include high-quality color displays and touchscreens, with many featuring built-in video support as well.  Cisco's deep knowledge of networking mean these are UC-ready and easy to configure.

Cisco Meraki

Meraki phones are designed to instantly integrate into an existing Meraki network seamlessly and with almost zero setup time required.  Meraki phones can be managed directly from the Meraki Dashboard, making administration a breeze.  Additionally, they feature a revolutionary buttonless design that puts all the controls directly on a beautiful large touchscreen - truly a phone of the future.


Polycom is widely recognized as the worldwide leader in business communications systems, and the most popular brand of corporate phones in the world.  With a huge range of products from bare-bones phones suitable for outfitting large call centers to high-end executive-level conference phones, there are Polycom models for every business need.


VTech offers some of the best deals in telecommunications, because they own all their own manufacturing facilities.  Their phones are exceptionally high-quality and available with a range of features and price points, with their conference phones being of particular note.  A VTech investment will stretch your communications budget a long way.


The second-largest provider of business phones worldwide, Yealink combines cutting-edge technology with reasonable prices.  Along with their full range of desk phones, Yealink has some of the most cost-efficient and easy-to-use videoconferencing systems in the world.  Yealink puts robust video communications within reach of mid-range budgets.

To learn more, contact Hummingbird Networks today for a full consultation on your IP phone options!