ADTRAN NetVanta 3140

adtran 3140 NetVanta 3140

NetVanta 3140

A growing operation that needs robust and flexible options for its internal networking, while still providing the bandwidth needed for high-powered applications, would do well to look at the new ADTRAN 3140. Whether you order the rack mount or desktop version, you're getting a great fixed-port router with three autodetecting Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.

Replacement for the NetVanta 3120.

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ADTRAN is committed to creating multifunctional hardware that's suited for fast-changing businesses, so the Adtran 3140 can be configured to face either the WAN or LAN side of your operations.  This can be done on a per-port basis, meaning it also supports multiple networks at once.  It's equally capable at dedicated WAN routing, handling side-by-side voice/data networks, or acting as a rollover "backup" router in case of an outage.

The onboard USB port even allows for 3G/4G backup access in truly extreme circumstances.

When combined with ADTRAN's industry-leading AOS software package and their universally-hailed support policies, you have an excellent and affordable investment for any smaller business that still needs global-level Enterprise networking.

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