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Cisco ASR 9922 Route Processor 6GB For Packet Transport - Control Processor - Refurbished - Plug-in Module - For ASR 9001, 9006, 9006 With PEM Version 2, 9010, 9010 With PEM Version 2 - ASR-9922-RP-TR-RF

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$23,743.13 $15,510.05
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Control processor
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Plug-in module
ASR 9922 Route Processor 6GB for Packet Transport

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  • Fully distributed system
    The Cisco ASR 9000 series operates in a fully distributed fashion; all packet-forwarding decisions and actions take place on the individual line cards. These high-density Ethernet line cards are equipped with a specialized network processor that provides a flexible programming infrastructure with high-density Hierarchical Quality-of-Service (H-QoS) services, security, and integrated Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE). The distributed nature of the Cisco ASR 9000 series improves resiliency by adding a dimension in scale for features such as Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) and Ethernet Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (EOAM).
  • Operationally efficient and redundant hardware
    The Cisco ASR 9000 series provides an infrastructure where all common components, Route Switch Processors (RSPs), switching fabric, fans, and power supplies, are completely redundant. In addition, the platform is designed to use power on an as-needed basis, depending on system requirements. Power has been modularized for a true pay-as-you-grow approach, reducing capital expenditures (CapEx) and providing an operationally efficient deployment. The Cisco ASR 9000 series also provides a space-optimized small-platform option that uses the series's common components and retains a central office deployment-ready capability using a patent pending side-to-back airflow design.
  • Environmentally conscious design
    In the increasing awareness of human impact on the environment and the resultant fiscal implications, Cisco ASR 9000 series routers bring a fresh "conscious" approach to product development. From optimal thermal design to the architecture of the power infrastructure, from the placement of line card components to the pitch of each slot, every design aspect has one goal in mind - reduced environmental impact through lowered power consumption and decreased cooling requirements. The Cisco ASR 9000 series is an example of the continued Cisco commitment to efficient and future-friendly product design.
  • Power-efficient deployments
    The Cisco ASR 9000 series has a significantly improved energy efficient design thanks to its low Gbps/watt ratio. This amazing breakthrough ultimately translates to lower power costs, lower carbon footprint, and the ability to serve more customers and deliver more services in less rack space.
  • Managing services efficiently
    The Cisco ASR 9000 series provides leading-edge network, device, and service management through a full complement of management solutions. Cisco prime provides a framework for service activation provisioning, assurance, and management. Combining these elements with a comprehensive set of Ethernet and Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) OAM capabilities, the Cisco ASR 9000 series provides an operator-friendly environment.
  • Network convergence
    The Cisco ASR 9000 series is a critical component in optimizing service transport infrastructure because of its service flexibility, comprehensive feature set, wide interface capability, and transparent integration of Carrier Ethernet and WAN interfaces as the foundation for services delivery. The Cisco ASR 9000 series provides a powerful single solution to the providers' Multiservice Edge (MSE), Ethernet-optimized MSE (E-MSE) and Carrier Ethernet (CE) needs.

The Cisco ASR 9000 series also offers service and application-level intelligence focused on optimized video delivery and mobile aggregation. Finally, the Cisco ASR 9000 series is designed to simplify and enhance the operational and deployment aspects of service-delivery networks.
The Cisco ASR 9000 series offers a significant added value compared to the prior generations of Carrier Ethernet routing offerings with significantly higher switching capacity, optimizing power and cooling requirements, offering an innovative modular power architecture, incorporating a grounds-up high availability design, and taking advantage of the Cisco IOS XR modular operating system to significantly lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for service providers the world over.

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