The Meraki MR74 is an excellent 802.1ac Wave 2 solution for outdoor environments, particularly those subject to harsh weather conditions.  The MR74 is designed to stand up to significant physical abuse while still being able to deliver up to 1.3Gbps across its 2x2 MU-MIMO radio antenna array.  meraki outdoor access point

Along with its primary 2.4ghz and 5ghz transmitters, the MR74 also includes two additional radios:  A dedicated radio for Wireless Intrusion Detection and Prevention (WIDS/WIPS) as well as local frequency optimization, plus a Bluetooth radio with Beacon functionality.

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The MR74 is IP67 rated against dust, shock, vibration, and moisture.  It's fully shielded against dust and other light debris, as well as being waterproofed up to 1 meter of submersion.  This gives it more than sufficient weatherproofing to stand up to all but the harshest possible conditions.   It would also be an excellent fit for indoor industrial operations where a large amount of contaminants, debris, dust, vapors, or other potentially-harmful waste may be in the local atmosphere.  

Despite all the weatherproofing, the MR74 still delivers the power and performance a business would expect from a Meraki product.  As with all Meraki products, the MR74 becomes part of a self-healing/self-optimizing mesh, allowing you to quickly create robust WiFi deployments which can stand up to the occasional hardware failure or local outage.  Likewise, setup is simple, taking only a few minutes and with no need for manual configuration beyond registering its serial numbers.

The MR74 is simple to manage via the Meraki Dashboard, which offers unparalleled single-pane-of-glass access to your entire Meraki network.  If desired, the MR74 can be managed down to the Layer 7 level, allowing traffic shaping on a per-device or per-application basis.  It can also automatically update its firmware from the cloud without direct intervention.  This gives administrators superior ability to fine-tune their network, but without sacrificing security.

Is the MR74 the right option to provide weatherproofed WiFi access across your facilities?  Contact Hummingbird Networks to learn more about your options in ruggedized WiFi hardware.