mr55Meraki MR 55 Access Point



Designed for businesses in need of superior bandwidth and connection stability, within a dense radio environment, the new Meraki MR55 is one of the most powerful WiFi 6-certified 802.11ax WiFi access points currently on the market!

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Taking full advantage of the increased power and bandwidth of the 802.11ax standard, the Meraki MR55 features a 5ghz 8x8:8 MU-MIMO radio array, alongside a 2.4ghz 4x4:4 radio array, for incredibly fast and stable connections, even under heavy load.  The maximum theoretical aggregate framerate is 5.9Gbps.   With a 1/2.5/5 multigigabit Ethernet uplink, the MR55 can offer truly groundbreaking connection speeds to your workforce or guests.

The MR55 is also built for security and stability.  Alongside the primary radios, it also features a standalone spectrum-scanning radio.  This is constantly monitoring the local RF environment, allowing smart systems to adjust RF usage to avoid interference.  It can shape traffic based on both radio spectrum usage, as well as application-level usage, for maximum connection stability.  At the same time, it provides a range of wireless intrusion detection and prevention services, blocking attempts at unauthorized access.  A built-in Layer 7 firewall provides further security for your users.

In addition, it also offers Bluetooth beacon services, including the ability to directly message users, or track their physical movements across your property.

Like all Meraki products, the MR55 is among the easiest-to-use and deploy access points on the market.  Zero-touch configuration makes it simple to set up initially, and all configuration is handled through the groundbreaking Meraki Dashboard interface.  Users can easily get a full overview of their Meraki network - no matter how big - or drill down to the individual device level for oversight, monitoring, and custom security settings.

Meraki continues to be a world leader in state-of-the-art WiFi!  Contact Hummingbird Networks today to embrace the speed of 802.11ax hardware.