Cisco meraki ms225-48LPmeraki ms225-48LP, ms225-48LP meraki switch

Designed for flexible deployments in a wide variety of data-heavy SMBs, the Meraki MS225-48LP delivers an excellent combination of price and performance in many branch-level roles.

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This Layer 2 switch includes forty-eight Gigabit Ethernet ports, backed by up to 40Gbps of upstream bandwidth via four SFP+ ports.  If more bandwidth is needed, it also supports local stacking of units for up to 80Gbps in throughput, with virtual stacking also available.  All ports and wires needed for stacking are included in the package.

Additionally, the Meraki MS225-48LP supports Power-over-Ethernet on downstream ports, from a total power pool of 370W.  This is managed by Meraki's own smart power-balancing systems, utilizing LLDP and CDP device advertisement protocols to deliver optimized power to the most possible attached appliances.  

Smart systems are what Meraki is built on.  Everything about the Meraki mesh-networking environment is designed to bring cutting-edge speed and power to any business, even those lacking specific technical expertise on-staff.  All that's needed to manage a Meraki network via its intuitive Meraki Dashboard GUI is basic windowed-computer skills.  Meraki devices handle nearly all setup, initialization, and day-to-day administration for themselves.  They even automatically download and install firmware updates as needed, with no administrative intervention required.

The Meraki Dashboard allows admins easy access to their entire Meraki network in a single-pane-of-glass interface.  From top-level overviews of the system to per-device setup, everything is handled through simple menu systems.  Superior data-gathering and analytic systems allow administrators to quickly get a handle on the entire network, and make informed decisions about its setup.

MS225-48LP DatasheetHummingbird Networks is a fully-authorized Cisco Meraki partner.  Contact Hummingbird today to discuss the benefits of the Meraki MS225 series, or to schedule a free in-office trial to see for yourself.