Aruba 2530 Series Switches

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aruba 2530

For any company of any size in need of a simple, reliable Layer 2 switch, the Aruba 2530 is highly secure and highly affordable.  With product variations ranging from an entry-level 8-port Fast Ethernet switch to full-sized 48-port Gigabit Ethernet units with PoE+ support and up to 104Gbps of throughput, there's an option here for anyone who needs basic Layer 2 connectivity in their network.

Even on entry-level models, however, Aruba still provides a wealth of features that will allow their switches to deliver superior ROI.  All Aruba hardware can be centrally-managed via cloud services, while allowing for quick and easy role-based security policy management of both wired and WiFi devices.  This cloud platform also allows for zero-touch provisioning in new devices, making it simple for even networking newcomers to quickly expand their Aruba network.  (A CLI is also available for experienced users.)  LLDP support makes it simple to discover and set up Internet appliances and other devices, allowing for easy setup of Unified Communications systems.

The 2530 series also features robust QoS, ready for the needs of a network that's going to see plenty of traffic to sites your users rely on.  You get real-time traffic classification, as well as simplified interfaces for manually specifying prioritization strategies.  Or, allocate priorities on a per-VLAN basis instead.  You have a lot of options.

Security is appropriately robust.  The 2530 series supports RADIUS/TACACS+, SSL encryption, DHCP protection, dynamic IP lockdown, and multiple forms of authentication.  Ports can be also be selectively isolated, as needed.  All this remains easy to configure and oversee, thanks to Aruba's simplified operating environment.

Aruba is making waves with their combination of high-powered equipment at surprisingly affordable prices, and the 2530 series of switches is no exception.  To learn more about the benefits of Aruba networking, contact Hummingbird Networks for a full consultation.