Cisco 8800 Series Phones

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cisco 8800 series

Cisco 8800 Series Phones

Designed for medium and large-scale operations which have embraced full Unified Communications, the Cisco 8800 series of VoIP phones bring cutting-edge features and state-of-the-art engineering like only Cisco can provide. The Cisco 8800 line features voice as well as full videophones, with high-resolution displays and HD cameras included on some models.

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All Cisco 8800 series VoIP phones can be entirely administered and controlled via the Cisco Unified Communications Manager, for full security coverage. Every phone includes extensive security features, including password protection and high-bitrate encryption schemes.

Now with the Cisco Refresh program you can benefit from all that the Cisco 8800 phone series has to offer without the hefty price tag. Cisco Refresh certified refurbished phones provide significant cost-savings - up to 80% off the list price of new. And when you purchase certified Cisco Refresh products, you can be confident the products are:

• 100% inspected and tested before leaving the Cisco remanufacturing facility
• Fully licensed for immediate use and shipped with a valid Cisco IOS software license
• Attractively priced without hidden costs
• Backed by the same Cisco warranty as new equipment and can be covered by SMARTnet
• Certified to meet all regulatory and safety compliance requirements such as FCC and UL (as only the original manufacturer can)
• Shipped within 24 to 48 hours of ordering if your refurbished Cisco collaboration product is in stock
• Eligible for attractive financing options through Cisco Capital

Hummingbird Networks carries an extensive inventory of Cisco Refresh with current generation phones as well as older models to address your daily needs.