Cisco Catalyst IE 3000 Series

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Cisco is a leading provider of IT networking and security technologies and solutions to businesses around the globe. They design and manufacture the technology and solutions businesses need to improve their security posture, improve operation efficiencies, and increase employee productivity. They develop solutions for businesses of any size and any industry. Whether you are a small business with a few employees on your team, or a large organization with branch offices and employees working from anywhere, Cisco has the right solutions for you.

Today’s your workforce can be anywhere. Cisco’s solutions allow people to access or transfer information without regard to differences in time, place, or computer system. Cisco’s portfolio of access and core switches provide always-on, always-secure connectivity. The Cisco Catalyst Series switches allow you to easily manage wired and wireless networks, strengthen security, and simplify your campus LAN. The Cisco Catalyst IE 3000 Series switches are ideal switches for industrial Ethernet applications, including factory automation, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), and power utility substations.

Features and Benefits:

  • Extended Enterprise capability with Cisco DNA Center management and support for the Software-Defined Access Extension for IoT
  • Tools for easy deployment, management, and replacement
  • Network security based on open standards
  • Integration of IT and industrial automation networks
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE), which provides power to end devices in industrial environments

The Cisco Catalyst IE 3000 Series can be configured and managed at the touch of a button, using either an onboard GUI tool or the PC-based network assistant. With built-in advanced security features, these switches help to ensure that only authorized users and traffic can access and traverse the network. The Cisco IE 3000 Series switches feature an industrial design and compliance, tools for easy deployment and management, advanced security protocols, and the integration of IT and industrial automation networks. The Cisco IE 3000 Series software, based on Cisco IOS Software, is a rich suite of intelligent services, supporting high availability, Quality of Service (QoS), and security features.

Take advantage of one of the industry's best-integrated and most comprehensive security portfolios. The Cisco Catalyst IE 3000 Series Switches are designed to offer a rugged, easy-to-use, highly secure infrastructure for harsh environments. Shop Cisco Catalyst IE 3000 Series Switches, today!