Aruba Switches

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Aruba has been making a name for themselves as a networking vendor capable of supporting companies ranging from startups to global leaders, and this is clearly evident from their lineup of high-powered Ethernet switches and core switches.  With both Layer 2 and Layer 3 models available, with capacity ranging from 104Gbps to a stunning 19.2Tbps, there is something here for every business - and at surprisingly affordable price points!

At the low-to-middle ranges, Aruba focuses on making high-powered network easy - even for relative newcomers to networking.  Their products are overseen and configured through a simple cloud-based GUI.  Anyone can quickly learn to manage an Aruba network, although a traditional CLI interface is also available for power users.  Zero-touch deployment and easy mass security configuration makes Aruba an excellent option for businesses who need a network which is almost fire-and-forget.

At the high end, Aruba offers vast customizability unlike any other brand on the market.  Their 8300- and 8400-series switches incorporate a custom operating system capable of hosting applications, virtual appliances, and more - complete with Unix-style control over individual apps.  Their embrace of open standard like REST APIs and Python scripting allow admins to create a networking environment custom tailored to their specific needs.

When networks are now seeing a wider mix of devices than ever before - including wired, wireless, Unified Communications, Internet of Things, and more- Aruba offers a true future-focused solution that allows their networks to adapt to meet your changing needs.  

In a short time, Aruba has begun to make a serious argument for itself as one of the premiere vendors of next-generation networking hardware.  Further, their prices are reasonable, and unlike many competitors in high-end networking, they do not require additional licensing beyond the initial purchase.  Every feature works out of the box.

There's a lot to like about Aruba.  Read on for more product information, or contact Hummingbird Networks for a full consultation!