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ADTRAN Routers

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If you represent a small-to-medium sized business looking for robust and affordable options in enterprise-grade networking, an ADTRAN router makes a great choice.  ADTRAN is committed to bringing big-business networking services to smaller operations, and are focused on long-term value.

ADTRAN's products are among the most customer-friendly on the market, including easy-to-use software, truly superior customer service, long-life warranties, and free firmware updates for the life of the product.  

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They also specialize in multifunction boxes that allow quick network implementations with a minimum of hardware investment.  An ADTRAN router integrates switches, routers, firewalls, WiFi controllers, and on-board software to create simple VoIP options, WAN\LAN bandwidth expansions, or superior virtualized cloud app solutions.

ADTRAN offers three ranges of routers, to create a great option for any business at any stage in its network growth:

Multiservice Access Routers:  These workhorses pack plenty of hardware into a small package, and are perfect for all-in-one implementations with a single piece of equipment.  Dual switching/routing capabilities are standard, with the optimized packet throughput necessary for demanding converged voice/data applications.

Modular Access Routers:  These are designed to grow alongside you, featuring different interface slots that can be populated as your network needs change, along with multiple options in uplink that support up to eight T1s or dual DS3 connections.

Fixed-Port Access Routers:  These entry-level models are designed for quick and affordable VoIP or WAN/LAN expansion at a minimum of cost.  An ADTRAN fixed-port access router is perfect for small and medium operations, startups, or remote offices.

ADTRAN is one of the fastest-growing brands in networking, and it's easy to see why.  Their combination of power and efficiency at paradigm-breaking prices are unprecedented, and you also get some of the best customer support in the industry.

Want to learn more?  Contact Hummingbird networks today for a free consultation on whether an ADTRAN network is right for your operations!