HGST Overview

Today, one of the single most valuable assets for any business is data.  You need solutions which will store your data reliably, over the long term, while also offering the instant high-speed access necessary for intense data analysis.  Hard drives and other storage systems have gone from being a basic functional part of computers to being high-performance systems a modern enterprise relies upon.

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This is where HGST thrives, and stands out from the competition.

HGST is a Western Digital company, and draws from Western Digital's long history of being at the forefront of storage solutions technology.  Their products combine the latest in high-tech solutions, with the stability and reliability you need from storage solutions.  HGST is widely recognized as an industry leader, with companies of all sizes relying upon them for data storage and access, day after day, year after year.

HGST's product line includes everything your business could require, including:

Hard Drives

Traditional magnetic-media platter drives are still among the most commonly-used, thanks to their well-understood technology and reliability as long-term storage solutions.  Unlike solid-state and flash media, hard drives have nearly unlimited write\rewrite capability - making them an excellent choice for bulk data storage.

Solid State And Flash Media Drives

Solid state drives (SSDs) and flash media offer the absolute fastest in read\write speeds - which can be a necessity when your analytics software wants to be fed data by the terabyte.  They may be limited in their rewrite capabilities, but they grant almost unlimited speed in analysis for companies that can't afford to wait for number-crunching.

Enterprise Platforms And Systems

HGST offers a full range of networked drives, scalable data-forever systems, RAID-ready architectures, software-defined storage, and other high-end systems that enterprise operations can rely on throughout their organization.  By combining their solid individual drives with robust future-focused platforms, HGST creates the ultimate in large-scale data solutions.

Hummingbird Networks proudly carries a full range of HGST storage solution options.  Read further for details on product types, or contact Hummingbird directly for a consultation on your storage systems.